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I’m Raira🙋🏻✨


Maybe, you guys already know who I am, but I’d like to introduce myself, and write about my life in Canada!








Do you know HKT48

If you know the group, I’m really happy😘

If you do not, you must google it! 



I was a member of HKT48 as the 2nd generation, then I had performed for about 3 years and a half until I graduated from the group😌✨ 

Actually, before I became a member of HKT48, I was a really big fan of 48 groups such as AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and also H!P💗💗



The one of reasons why I thought I would graduate from HKT48 was I wanted to study abroad and to see a different world from HKT48

I can’t tell my mind in a word, but I thought I couldn’t keep going on like this. I mean I thought “I have to change myself.” That’s difficult to explain, even thought my own business😅


 Anyway I still can’t express how much I appreciate you guys who have encouraged me when I was in HKT48. Thank you so much for your support😭🙏🏻💗





Study abroad in Canada🇨🇦



After I graduated, I studied English a lot in Japan for studying abroad because my English skill was so terrible, even now it’s still not good, but much better than before😂


In September 1st, 2016, I finally left Japan for Canada, and studied in the ESL which has very very good teachers, for 8 months🇨🇦✨  


I could experience a lot of new things in Canada! For example, I met Prince William and Princess Catherine when they arrived in Victoria, I ate greasy foods lol, I participated in parties (Helloween, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) and something like that😎✨

The first 3 months, I lived with a host family, and then I started living in a share house with Japanese women during my stay in Canada, so I had to do everything by myself. It was harder than I thought, but really meaningful time and good experience for me✨


 The life in Canada is invaluable time, and gave me a lot of precious thing, especially friends✨ I was supported by them, so I really appreciate them what they have done for me😭🙏🏻✨


That’s why I was so sad when I left Canada.

I still miss them😢💗 





in Japan🇯🇵



In April 30th, 2017, I came back to Japan🇯🇵💗 



And now, I still have been studying English while attending an English conversation school✊🏻🔥 I took a TOEIC test a couple of months ago. The score of the test was not bad, but not good😂 However the listening score was better than I expected! I was so surprised😳✨


By the way, I’m gonna go to an university in Japan from the next spring. I’m thinking of choosing a business course, not English course. However my future dream is same as the graduation announcement I did in front of you guys👍🏻✨


So I wanna be a person who can creates a magnificent stage and supports artists in the back stage. I mean it’s like SEIGO-san who is theater director. You might know him because he is well known among 48 groups’ fans!

And I always hope HKT48 will be known worldwide and I wanna be their strength😌✊🏻✨ It not possible without fans’ supports.




I also want to be able to speak English frequently, and then I wanna travel around the world as a backpacker someday. I especially wanna go to USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Korea😌💗











That’s it for this time!!


So thank you for reading my blog, even though it is full of mistakes and rambling😭🙏🏻💗 I truly appreciate it!!



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